The internet is not a public domain where anyone can pick up my work and re-use it the way they want. The crap I hear everyday whenever I talk about a plagiarist ripping off my work!
“They said sorry didn’t they?”
“Why didn’t you put a large copyright symbol on the image?”
“You’re not even such a good designer / photographer.”
“You’re just looking for publicity.”
“I would have never heard about you if they had not stolen your work.”

With such imbeciles, I then have to use the rape-analogy – if someone raped them / their sister and then said the same things as above, wouldn’t THAT be precious.

And no, I am not responsible for your education. If you don’t know that plagiarism, content theft and rape are wrong, then no one can do anything about your education anyway – even sticking a bamboo up your asshole won’t change your views and I don’t give a damn which way your “education” takes you.