November, 2010 Monthly archive

My plans of spending this New Year’s eve on the beaches of the Andaman Islands have been squashed. As it is I am frightened of floating on my back in the sea. To top that, a friend who sails with the Indian Navy, tells me that a tourist swimming off the Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island, in the area locally-known as the “Aquarium”, was attacked and killed by a Ghariyal or probably a saltwater crocodile.

And here I was thinking sharks were bad. I nicked my knee once – on Elephant Beach on the Havelock Island – and scrambled out of the water for fear that I might be attacked by sharks who would obviously be attracted by the blood.

The only marine animal / thing that has given me any pain was this jellyfish that caressed my ankle in the waters off Anjuna Beach in Goa. It was excruciating. I was limping. Someone peed on the burn as well.

Come to think of it, there’s also something off the Radhanagar Beach – but only in one section of the water – very small stings, like pin-pricks, all over my skin. I remember that from my first trip to the Andaman Islands. Never found out what it was. Invisible to the naked eye.

Wrote this after seeing this during my bi-monthly visit to Boston Big Picture.

When you have friends who are in their thirties and have yet to lose their virginity, the suggestion of finding a fuck-buddy sounds reasonable. Cathartic even. There is no other experience that comes close to describing what sex feels like. If the one-night stand develops into a sex-friendship, why the heck not.

And no, I don’t care how society feels about someone who blogs about sex. We all fuck.

…can be quite a nightmare. All variables are similar to what they were yesterday. Yet, I am very stressed today. Considering everyone’s expectations is not something I handle well. I shall mark this is as a red dot on the calendar, to track a pattern of when I convince myself I am depressed. One key event being my spending better part of the day wrapped in blankets in my bed.

Fortunately B has a lot of patience and tends to leave me alone – which is a double-edged sword really. I want the attention but I want to be left alone as well.

I lament often, “I should have been born a man. Life would have been simpler.”