you’re better than me…

…then why do I always find you bitching about how you’re better than me instead of getting down and dirty and actually doing the thing you’re supposed to be better at than I am?

So you have been around longer than I have, worked more hours than I have, have more followers on Twitter than I have. So what? You cannot possibly comprehend what parameters to choose when evaluating the “betterness”. Or that there should be parameters in the first place. Even if you did have some grey cells up there, I’m busy doing what I excel at while you whine about how I suck and you’re top cat.

That, right there, kinda contradicts what you believe about yourself.
I am not threatened by you coming up to me and telling me you’re so much better and that you’re going to make me see. Some of my closest associates are better than I am – and hence we’re close.

I don’t hang with delusionals.
And because you’re going to stay that way for all the time that you exist, this is going to be my extent of responding.
Pfffbbtt. Visualize that sound with my tongue sticking out.