What’s the big deal with holidays anyway? It’s a rhetorical question.

Man made the calendar and decided to give names to days, months and whatnot. Religion quietly found a niche – even though the majority of the world doesn’t work, certain someones make money – a lot of money. So we have Diwali because someone decided to come back home, Christmas because two people from the opposite sex did what two people from the opposite sex do, New Years because… well because it was best to make a calendar with 365 days and some leap year trash thrown in every four years and because it makes good business sense to throw in an excuse for people to buy more alcohol and food and material things that are probably used once a year.

If you think this holiday season is the perfect excuse to show how much you love your family and friends, great – as long as you find such excuses often regardless of it being a holiday. Actually, even if it is just once a year you show your gratitude / love / suck upto your family and friends, it’s a good thing. At least you’re doing it.

But if you think the holiday season means anything else except an excuse to cosy up to people you love or yourself, you’re retarded.

There is no god, no Santa and while there might be magic and serendipity and destiny and chance, none of those are related to monetary and economic power. So quit trying to buy something to fulfill your emotionally depraved state and go hug someone.