He had never had sex. He was hot – the tall, dark, handsome variety. Well educated, self-confident, could talk to any women anywhere, could take off any woman’s panties.

When his first opportunity walked into his room, she was drunk and he was disgusted. As it is with Murphy’s Law, all his opportunities were drunk, for most of the period of raging hormones in his life. They all came to him like moths to a flame, young ones, old ones, the hotties, the girls next door. All drunk – either on alcohol or stupidity. It didn’t turn him on.

He spent many years tortured with the thought he might never ever be able to have sex. He reconciled himself to that fact. Wasn’t a big deal, when his plan was to put a gun to his head when he was single and 50. Now that, was a big deal.

Then, he got married. Something he didn’t think was possible.

She was hot, not stupid and definitely not drunk. Only trouble was, she wanted it, he didn’t.
Sex, for him, was only a matter of efficiency now. Get in get out.

Then she left him.
And he put the gun to his head when he was only 30.

Stop being efficient. Just fuck and get fucked. It’s called life.