photography obsession

I think I am obsessed with photography – wedding or otherwise.

There are so many things I want to capture and so little time.

Since being obsessed was never on the agenda, each time I pick up my camera, I ask myself if it’s really needed and the first answer is always, “Of course it is!” even though it probably isn’t. Sometimes I force myself not to carry my camera around wherever I go – afterall, I’m a professional photographer, not a hobbyist – I should shoot only when getting paid. (If only it was this simple.)

So there have been times when I went out and was not carrying my camera – and each of those times – I’ve regretted it.

I sit on a razor sharp fence – I don’t want to compromise on my personal life because I’m always photographing – paid or otherwise; and I also do not want to compromise on my photography – I have, after all, only about another 30-40 years of life left to live.

And I’ll be damned if I live any of it without my camera by my side.

So yes, I am obsessed. Sue me.