definitions of love : hate

Love, is love. A four letter word that encompasses a whole lot. Defining it only restricts the giving and receiving.

If I say “I love you”, it does NOT mean “I want to have sex with you”. It means exactly what I said, that I love you.
Can’t recall the number of people I have lost touch with because they have definitions.

When I was a child, with my very first crush on this boy, I used to believe I could love more than one person – there were so many cute boys in my class! My peers ridiculed me for that thought and in college I had quite the reputation. For expressing my *thoughts. [ I cannot comment about other societies but ] Indian society assumes love can be shared only with someone you’re sleeping with or your mother.

I love my friends as fiercely as I love my husband. I have priorities yes, but you can’t confuse those as less-love and more-love classifications.