hate and what it means

If I tell you, to your face, that I hate you, then I’m probably pissed at you about something and I actually love you.

If I think to myself that I hate you, I probably am pissed at you about something but don’t like you enough to waste my time by telling you.

If I tell a third person that I hate you and am smiling when I say that, I am probably jealous of your work and your success and want to be as successful as you – I just don’t have the balls to publicly admit that I adore you.

If I tell a third person that I hate you and am not smiling, I am probably feeling sorry / pity for your because of the stupid things you’ve done. And I will never tell you because I like feeling sorry for you. And the mild irritation that you cause me, is entertaining in the mundane pace of life. Sometimes.

If I actually hate and despise you, I will not talk about you with anyone. I will still keep tabs on what you do and I will pretend to be indifferent if you’re in the same room, by mistake. I will plot and plan my revenge for what you did to me and probably never act on it. If I do manage to one-up you, I will gloat, for a while. If you make the first move and apologize sincerely, I will stop hating you.