June, 2011 Monthly archive

There’s an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. Legs atremble. (Can hardly feel them.)

There’s rain outdoors and humidity creates puddles on my skin.

Satiated senses and all I needed was the self.

Pneumatic drill like vibrations shake me up. Accompanied with ecstatic sighing.

I’m 31. There’s hope. There’s still hope. Even for someone like me. #bliss

So many drunk parties at Buzz, long credit card statements, memories, making out in the one corner seat, from bachelors to married couples. Buzz and Vinay have seen us through a lot. Break ups, misunderstandings, dancing, bar fights, engagement parties, wedding parties, cocktails and experiments with wardrobes. Chances were, whether at 12 noon or midnight, if we were partying, we would be at Buzz, Gurgaon. And Vinay would be waiting on us. Giving us what we wanted – cigarettes, alcohol, a shoulder and lots of freebies thrown in. We liked our peanuts and when those were out of stock, Vinay would ensure we got our olives on ice and pineapple with cheese on ice and the night was always young. I could sit alone at a table and be sure that no one would trouble a single hot chick drinking alone. All thanks to Vinay.

Our man now, is the Manager at Tab 01. Also in Gurgaon. Met him last night and he looks dapper in his pin-stripe shirt, tie and belted trousers. And he is the same. “Hello Ma’am! It’s been one whole year since I saw you last. How is Bharat sir?” He remembers names, dates and pretty much everything else. He is going places and I couldn’t stop grinning each time I saw him walking around in the lounge, checking on guests and looking all manager-like. It might have been a tear in my eye but then it might have been cigarette smoke too.

From waiter to Manager, Vinay, you have come a long way and we’ve walked some of it along with you. We are lucky to have you in our lives and we hope we can still get some free booze!
From Negi & Twinkle, Midha & Priyanka Sachdeva, Saharan and his girlfriends, Akanksha & Aman, Bharat and I – here’s to many more years of wonderful PR skills and may you ascend further heights and own your own bar and lounge soon.