January, 2012 Monthly archive

Because they can.

That’s it.

Clients who appreciate my 80% planning and 20% execution are ideal clients. Sometimes I get a googly where when I ask for details so that I am enabled to create a plan, they tell me I’m crazy, “Nothing ever works according to plan anyway! Play it by ear.” What if my contract said, “Nothing has a price tag anyway, I’ll charge you as we play it by ear.”

I’ve been featured in national newspapers and business magazines a few times. It is a momentary morale boost. It does not translate to direct business from end clients. It does serve to create awareness about my work and my brand. I like such publicity but I don’t lose sleep over not being featured in some other article about my profession. I can’t shoot everything. I can’t be everywhere.

I’ve heard this. A few times. Praising one talent while dissing the other. Especially when you’re a senior in the industry. And you’re saying this to a relative newbie i.e. me. To me, this lays bare your insecurity and jealousy that I am doing what you couldn’t do. There’s work for everyone. Stop comparing your inside to everyone else’s outside. People don’t share.